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    Performance Analysis of PONOs, Typed DataSets and Generic DataSets

    December 9, 2006 1:45 AM

    It won't take much to find a conversation with a bunch of .NET architects sitting around having a beer discussing why ADO.NET DataSets are good or bad compared to PONOs (Plain Old .NET Objects) and if DataSets are better whether the effort spent maintaining a Generic DataSet based application is less than the effort required up front in designating the schema for the Typed DataSet. My opinion is PONOs are the way to go, but too many people have written about this debate and I don't intend to be another. If you Google enough, you can find a wealth of discussion around this matter. In this blog posting, I talk about a performance test I have conducted that shows the difference in timing in the instantiation/creation and DB data mapping between PONOs, Typed DataSets and Generic DataSets.

    posted by Matt Van Bergen

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