Three Ways Web Content Management Improves Marketing

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I’ve written before about how using a quality Web Content Management (WCM) system can be a big help to marketers. After last week’s Day Ignite Customer Summit in Chicago, I am more convinced of that than ever.

I got a lot of marketing ideas at the Summit last week, but I’d like to share the three I’m most excited about:

1. Putting Control Back in the Hands of Marketers

Rob Bogan, Director of eCommerce Development at Williams-Sonoma, gave a great presentation during the first day of the event on Web Content Management: The Key to Unlock Our Future.  He noted that making site changes for marketing purposes can sometimes seem like a game of “telephone” that takes days to see even minor changes – like moving the location of a product promotion – go live.

With the best web content management systems, like Day’s CQ5, control is in the hands of the right marketing people.

2. Marketers Should be Responsible for ROI Too

Unlike our counterparts in Sales, it’s not always easy to draw a straight line from a marketing effort to its positive conclusion. Measuring marketing results can get fuzzy and usually relies on gut instincts more than facts.

During Toby Bell’s, vice president of Gartner Research, keynote presentation on day two, Perspectives on WCM, ECM and Day in 2010, he made the point that the latest web content management systems have measurement tools built in that allow better tracking of marketing results.

One tool I’m especially impressed with in Day’s CQ 5.3 is the multivariate testing tool (MVT). I’d like to think my gut instinct is always spot on, but after years working in this field, I know that’s not true. MVT makes it easier to gauge what works and what you’re wasting your time on.

3. Think Dynamic Content

Bell also noted the shift towards dynamic web content as a trend in the next few years. CQ already has tools to help marketers do this and it looks like even more targeting tools are on their way with the upcoming release, CQ 5.3. This makes for smarter, more targeted ways to get the message you want in front of the right eyes.

A good WCM can’t do it all, but it can provide smart tools to help marketers do the best job they can do.

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