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    Cost Saving Benefits to the Cloud

    June 13, 2012 6:26 PM

    There was an article in InformationWeek recently, that discussed the cost benefits for companies utilizing the cloud. The article referenced not only savings from infrastructure costs but as well as operating costs. With the flexibility of the cloud, it is no longer necessary to fork over the costs for new servers. Instead, utilize the cloud to pay for what you use. Public cloud costs are on the decrease. Our partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), lowered usage costs earlier this year. More specifically, managed hosting in the cloud can also reduce the operating costs by managing the servers for you and therefore freeing up IT staff to concentrate on other business projects. The article cites one in four CIOs are planning a project in the cloud this year in order to test the benefits and compare costs.  As cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous and corporate management begins to learn and explore cloud solutions it can often make sense to look for smaller projects or proof-of-concepts as a first foray into cloud hosting.

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    Keynote's Web Privacy Tracking

    February 24, 2012 8:12 PM

    Web privacy for users is becoming more of a priority for organizations. A detailed privacy policy instills trust with users. Users should be aware of how you intend to use the information gathered, whether it will be shared and how it will be stored. For organizations, a strong privacy policy is not always sufficient. Cookies from external sources are constantly being placed on your site. It is important to actively monitor and be aware of cookies placed on your site.

    posted by Molly McDaniel

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