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    Adobe CQ 5.5 & JMX

    March 16, 2012 8:39 PM

    Starting with CQ5.5, Adobe (Day) integrated one sorely missed functionality to the product, JMX. As with any J2EE server, JMX makes it easy to manage and monitor an application and services in real time. JMX allows for central management of managed beans or MBeans which act as wrapper for applications, components and resources. A standard MBean exposes attributes, properties and operations, which can be accessed for monitoring and invoked for certain conditions depending on underlying logic. It also helps when you don't need to restart the server to make a quick and essential change. With CQ taking prominence in today's digital media centric world, custom components are being built at a rapid pace to support and integrate several software products. Managing these custom components will become easy with JMX framework.

    posted by Puru Hemnani

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