Invisible requirements within Business requirements

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Testing in an author environment can have its own challenges. Component's configurations need to be tested at this level to achieve correct content authoring.  So, when faced with fields upon fields of data for each component needing to be validated, more often than not we are left with little to no requirements to validate these fields.


Button component configuration consists of: Text field, Link field and Open link in new window checkbox

Invisible Requirement within Business Requirement

As a tester I start validating each field by using negative test cases:

·      Leaving fields empty,  will ‘error message: this is a required field’ be displayed?

·      Are invalid links allowed in ‘Link Field’?

·      Is there a character limit to the Text Field?

·      Any limits set for each field?

Within AEM we need to start looking closely at these hidden requirements that are not brought up during Inception. Not validating these fields properly could have a huge impact on how the site is authored. Eliminating any and all ambiguities in components will give content authors a better understanding of how components are configured and how they act. Invisible requirements are not so invisible after all!

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