Web Experience Management (WEM)

Web Experience Management

CITYTECH emphasizes sound architecture and proven project methodology to successfully implement large-scale web experience management systems.

What is Web Experience Management?

Web Experience Management or "WEM" helps businesses stay connected to customers across multiple online channels. Gone are the days of traditional and silo web content management (WCM). Your prospects and customers are expecting a personalized, consistent, and comprehensive experience no matter if they are accessing your organization's information via a web browser, tablet device, smart phone, or the next new personal device.

Why Choose CITYTECH?

CITYTECH delivered WEM solutions before the market was even aware of WEM. We are always on the forefront of technology and our earlier days of implementing web content management solutions allowed us to test the capabilities of the technology platform by integrating data and content together to provide a unified experience for customers and prospects. Today, we are leveraging the power of platforms such as Adobe's CQ5 Web Experience Management and Digital Marketing Suite to provide real-time personalized content which drives higher rates of conversions while providing a feedback loop to marketers that allows them to continually optimize the experience.

CITYTECH is not a digital agency- we are an engineering company born and raised to architect and develop scalable, extensible, and manageable systems.  We plug in very well with an organization's digital agency to implement and optimize the vision developed together by our client and a digital agency.  Don't have a digital agency partner engaged?  No worries, CITYTECH can recommend an agency based on our experience working with some of the best agencies who understand digital and what WEM is all about.

CITYTECH's Expertise

CITYTECH has hands-on expertise in architecting and delivering WEM solutions that possess the following key functionality:


  • Ultimate scalability to support 25M+ hits per minute.
  • Localized and multi-language web experiences.  This includes real-time translation of content as well as regionalized content.  
  • Real-time personalization based on user segmentation either via the clickstream (anonymous) or the logged in user's purchase history, interests or information gathered by the sales team on a recent sales call.
  • Enhanced analytics integration using tools such as Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics and IBM Coremetrics.
  • Workflows to faciliate the publishing of content at the right interval for your organization.
  • Smart tagging of content, saving your content authors time and allowing a consistent strategy for content taxonomy which is used by personalization.
  • eCommerce integration enabling personalized content and catalog information through one experience.
  • Integration with advanced search platforms such as Endeca, FAST Search, Google Search Appliance.
  • CRM integration such as SalesForce allowing leads generated on the website or mobile device to be processed and managed the same as leads are processed and managed through non-digital channels.
  • Real-time product information management (PIM) integration providing a common experience for displaying content and product information.